Increasing Diversity in STEM with Edison

PIQE is honored to be featured in Edison International’s 2020 Community Impact Report. The report details Edison’s philanthropic investments and community engagement activities, as well as customer programs. PIQE is highlighted as a key partner on page 14 and on Energized!

Last year, our communities faced unprecedented challenges stemming from the pandemic and the increasing effects of climate change. Seeing the increased needs that resulted from the pandemic, Edison International augmented their charitable funding by $2 million to directly respond to immediate needs, while continuing to support our most vulnerable residents through customer assistance programs. In addition to the $22M philanthropic investment, SCE’s programs work to ensure the inclusion of our most underrepresented customers in the transition to a greener economy, increase diversity in STEM fields, and help make our communities safer and more resilient.

This year, Edison International celebrates 135 years of supporting the communities where we work and live. Read about PIQE and SCE partnership and the families we supported together!

Helping Parents Create a ‘College-Going Culture’ for Their Children by Ron Gales and Diane Castro

“PIQE is an organization that can transform lives and families. Its programs and focus on STEM help students who will bring the talent and diversity we need to move our industry and state toward a clean energy future. As someone who went to college on a scholarship to study STEM, I know firsthand just how transformative that type of support can be. We are proud to contribute to PIQE and their mission to enable people from all backgrounds to thrive.”

Edison International President and CEO Pedro J. Pizarro