Bakersfield Office

Welcome to the Bakersfield Regional Office information and resource page! We extend our gratitude to this supportive community and hope we can continue to be of service for your school districts, families, and communities. We are one of three offices dedicated to supporting the Central Valley. Our office covers the southern third of the valley and the Central Coast. Since 2004, we have served 28 school districts and nearly 90 schools. We serve the surrounding counties of Kern, Tulare, Santa Barbara, and San Luis Obispo. More than 20,000 parents have completed and graduated one of PIQE’s extraordinary parent engagement programs enhancing the education of more than 45,000.

School Districts

Kern High School District  *  Greenfield Union School District  *  Porterville Unified School District  *  Burton School District  *  Pond Unified School District  *   Lamont  Elementary School District  *  Richland School District  *  Paso Robles Joint Unified School District  *  Santa Maria Joint Unified School District  *  Santa Maria-Bonita School District  *  Woodville Union School District  *  Panama – Buena Vista Union School District  *  Wonderful College Prep Academy  *  Earlimart School District  *   Lindsay Unified School District   *    Burton School District / Homepage  *  Wasco Union Elementary School District

Visit CA Safe Schools for All website for more information on re-opening in your community.