THE HOLIDAYS – Resources, Fun, & Community

Falling leaves are a sign of changing seasons that bring joyous moments of holiday celebrations. While for many these are moments to cherish, but for others the holidays bring an increase of hardship and distress. Each year, PIQE continues to serve both in partnership and in service to support our families – our work to uphold the voices and stories of our families don’t end with our workshops. Our collaborative work is essential to bridge the gaps and enhance support to those in need. Below you will find information regarding next steps our PIQE Alumni are taking to elevate their issues as well as resources that may be helpful during this holiday season.

Fresno County Resident Council

The council is receiving training to help move their Issue Caucuses forward towards an action(s). They have received a training on “how to move a problem to an issue” and will receive a training on “issue cutting” next week.  Here is the update on the individual caucus groups:

  • Mental Health – an upcoming collaboration with DBH to hold a community forum on DBH’s 3-year plan regarding the Mental Health Services Act. I will attach the event flyer.
  • Safe & Inclusive Schools – selecting issues from problems brought up by members, research into community schools
  • Childcare & Workers Rights – will continue to conduct research meetings, working to connect with a professional in FUSD
  • Affordable Housing – Campaign on resources available, advocate for trailer/mobile home parks for affordable housing
  • Digital Access – Shifted to be managed by Core Team 
  • EL Committee – developed themes from stories shared, action is still being developed


If you would like to learn more about our engagement in the community, please contact our Engagement and Strategic Initiatives Associate – Sade Williams at | 559-498-9748.