Family Engagement Workshops

PIQE is ready to continue to offer its evidence-based programs in-person, online or hybrid. All programs will integrate enhancement supports to respond to school and family’s needs. Below is a list of PIQE’s evidence-based parent engagement workshops:


Educates, empowers and inspires families to take an active role in their child’s education while building community and a peer-to-peer network. Parents are engaged in programming that encourages fostering a positive educational environment at home and at school to increase academic success.

  • Eight-week program | Once a week, 75 minute-sessions
  • Includes Social Emotional and Digital Literacy Components
  • Parents better understand how to navigate the school system, access relevant information for student success, and college admission requirements


Family Engagement curriculum for families with children 0-5 years of age on how to provide a stimulating home environment that encourages and facilitates early success in school for their Pre-K and Kindergarten age children. The goal of the program is to help parents positively influence their child’s early success in school.

  • Ninr-week program | Once a week, 60 minute-sessions
  • Includes effective strategies for creating a stimulating home environment and understanding of brain and language development
  • Parents better understand how to incorporate early math literacy skills and the importance of STEM


Developed in partnership with the California Reading and Literature Project, the Family Literacy Program introduces the five elements of literacy equipping families with strategies to support literacy at home. Families are introduced to Dr. Shefelbine’s Literacy Framework of Skills with fun, interactive and purposeful reading strategies. Reading development is emphasized with direct connection to student’s overall academic success.

  • Nine-week program | Once a week, 60 minute-sessions
  • Includes strategies on supporting literacy through narrative (fiction) and expository (non-fiction) text aligned with the intent of the CA Common Core Standards